“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

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Meet Our Team

Annabel Park

Social Media Director

Annabel is an award-winning filmmaker and social media specialist who’s been featured in the Washington Post, CNN, and the NYTimes. Her passion is for finding new ways of using social media to empower people as citizens and create meaningful communities.

She co-directed the documentary 9500 Liberty (2010) about a bitter fight over immigration policy that unfolded in Prince William County, Virginia over immigration policy featuring Corey Stewart, and The Headless Klansman (2018) about the controversy over the Nathan Bedford Forrest statue in Selma, Alabama. They are finishing the feature documentary Story of America about historical revisionism and the political divide featuring the civil rights leader Rev. William Barber.

She has contributed to hundreds of short videos on YouTube and more recently, dozens of act.tv livecasts of political events. She has made numerous media appearances and her writings have been published in the Washington Post and CNN.

She founded several online communities including The Coffee Party, The Talk on Main St, Bridge the Divide, Libyans and Americans United for Friendship & Peace, America Welcomes Refugees. She is also the founder of Facing Humanity, a nonprofit which organizes face-to-face conversations across America with the goal of placing members of marginalized communities at the center of public policy discussions.

She studied philosophy at Boston University and political theory at Oxford University as a Marshall Scholar.

Kay Moonstar

Design Director

Kay Moonstar is an intuitive graphic artist who gracefully feels her way through the creative design process. From cutting edge avant-garde to the nuanced, subtle and sublime, she's a prolific artist with two decades of experience in the field of graphic and web design.

Kay’s artistry began in her early twenties when she was involved in the underground electronic music industry. She was the in-house graphic artist and VP of Street Marketing for Thrive Records, an independent dance label under Sire/Warner Brothers featuring the most famous DJ’s and music producers in the world. In addition to designing for professionals in the performing arts, she’s also cultivated an extensive clientele in the healing and wellness sector. Kay’s exquisite attention to design detail and masterful ability to create images reflecting the essence of the person or business, fuels her unique communication forward, achieving highly successful results for her clients.

Kay is also a gifted healer. Her spiritual awakening over the past nine years ignited a passion for personal healing and soul evolution which continues to profoundly transform and influence her life on every level. Always fiercely and courageously following her deepest heart truth, Kay has mentored and coached hundreds of women through International empowerment workshops, classes and retreats. She currently resides in Sedona, Arizona.

Daniel Valencia

Web & Technology Director

Daniel is a self-professed geek and enthusiast for all things technology. He has been tinkering with computers since he was 11 years old, and created his first website when he was 14. At Stanford he studied industrial design and computer science, focusing on creative design with an emphasis on the psychology of human computer interaction and creating easy to use digital interfaces and experiences. An expert web developer, he has created hundreds of websites with a specialty in WordPress, and maintains platforms for companies and media outlets that receive millions of visitors per month and depend on the highest security. He is a native of the San Francisco Bay area in California.

Stephanie Drenka

Internet Marketing Director

Stephanie Drenka is a mission-driven digital communications strategist with extensive experience in Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Content Development, Social Media Management, Public Relations, Influencer Marketing, and Community Engagement. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication from DePaul University, with minors in Asian American Studies and Women’s Studies. Stephanie's work has been featured in Washington Post, Huffington Post, USA Today, and ABC News. Whether working with corporate, small business, technology, or non-profit clients, Stephanie's strengths include creating impactful stories and implementing effective solutions to share them with the right audiences.

Stephanie DeLuca

Policy and Messaging Director

Stephanie DeLuca has a unique and diverse background in public policy, campaign organizing, communications, project management, data analytics, and scientific research. She has worked at MoveOn, the office of Senator Elizabeth Warren, and the American Chemical Society, as well as for several political campaigns, including Governor Ralph Northam and Senator Doug Jones. A Korean American adoptee from rural Alabama, Stephanie studied Chemistry at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, was a Fulbright Scholar in Germany, and earned her Ph.D. in Chemical and Physical Biology at Vanderbilt University. She strongly believes that all sectors must strive to be more inclusive, equitable, and appreciative of intersectionality to achieve a fairer society. Stephanie is passionate about leveraging her skills to build an America that works for everyone. She is a proud advocate for people with disabilities and has a Seeing Eye dog named Karra.


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Our Clients


“Kay has collaborated with me in various capacities since 2008. As lead designer for Dance Camera West, a dance film festival based in Los Angeles, Kay’s stellar graphic design took our international brand to another aesthetic level with quick, efficient work while at the same time creating a healthy, joyful collaboration. And currently working together on a new website. Kay is very patient in allowing the creative process and not to rush past the opportunity for something truly original to emerge. ”

Lynette KesslerFounder of Dance Camera West

“Kay Moonstar not only created my website beautifully and professionally, but she was also a delight to communicate with and be in a creative process with. Having worked with many designers, a problem I often come across is the challenge between getting what's in my mind onto the site or the page…I always felt with Kay that not only did she strive to understand my vision, but she also brought an incredibly creative eye that took my vision to the next level.”

Charu MorganOwner of Embody Tantra

“Kay Moonstar is a design visionary! I have worked with Kay for over fifteen years, on many projects from business cards, logo creation and website to product packaging. I am always delighted with Kay’s powerful, professional, miraculously inspired visual communication. I repeatedly receive enthusiastic praise about my website and promotional materials and I know Kay’s work has increased my business significantly! She’s tremendously gifted and a pure joy to have on my team. ”

Eve BaldwinYoga Therapy Teacher

“Kay is the best graphic designer I've ever come across. She's been responsible for designing our entire product line and website for the last fifteen years. She is super reliable and always meet our deadlines on time. She's done a fantastic job of branding our company.”

Dr. Louie YuOwner of Quantum Energetic Medicine

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